Flash 15: To Be Known

I think one of the most important things for a person is that they be seen and known. Everyone deserves to have at least one other person in their lifetime look into their eyes, look into their life and actually see them. And maybe what I’m talking about is intimacy. Emotional intimacy. Everyone deserves a place where they can be exactly who they are, even if that sh*t makes no sense in the moment, and have someone else just accept them for where they are. Everyone deserves to feel worthy and significant just as they are. Not judged, evaluated, or told they’re wrong. Just affirmed. Plain and simple. That feeling, that affirmation, is home. It is refreshing, comforting and intoxicating. When someone sees you and understands you, you feel a little less alone in this world. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what we all want? Don’t we all want to be affirmed and accepted for who we are? The tricky part, though, is that I don’t think we can get this from someone else until we are totally willing to give this to ourselves. Can I affirm me? Can I accept my feelings in any moment as valid and affirm myself…even if my feelings require self-regulating later? Can I accept who I am and where I am even when others don’t? Or will I forever second-guess myself, judge my thoughts, and criticize? Intimacy and emotional closeness with another can’t come until we are willing to extend the type of grace and admiration to ourselves that we are looking for from another. The Lord created me and the Holy Spirit fills me. That alone makes me worthy. Only when I affirm and embrace myself do I prepare for this same kind of love from another.

What is Flash 15?

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