Flash 15

If you know me, you know that these days I’m all about Peloton. I love it. On the Peloton App, one of my favorite instructors, Jess Sims, teaches a class called the Flash 15. It’s 15 minutes of weights and cardio combined for a quick workout session when you don’t have a lot of time. Guess who doesn’t have a lot of time? This wife-momma-attorney right here. So, I’ve created a Flash 15 of my own. 15 minutes of writing each day. This is my attempt to squeeze in a daily 15 minutes of doing what truly brings me joy. Some Flash 15s may be scripture-based and some may not be. They may have some typos–I mean, I’ll try my best. What Flash 15s will be is 15 minutes of my honest thoughts flowing from my brain down my arms, through my fingertips and onto this screen. So we’ll see what rolls out of my brain for 15 minutes each day. Here’s to writing it down and here’s to trying and trying again. (This little blurb took me 15 minutes with editing, so times up! This will be interesting…)

3 thoughts on “Flash 15

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