Flash 15: Faithfulness is Fruitful

Last week, after reading the story of Ruth, I tweeted this:

What would happen if we were faithful to a person, an idea, a dream or to our God? Ruth teaches us that faithfulness is fruitful. May we use this day, and every day to be faithful and fruitful.1

This sentiment has been swirling around in my head ever since I wrote it. In some ways, the notion of never giving up on a thing seems outdated. That really isn’t how our culture moves. If something’s not serving you, then let it go. And while this statement certainly has its place and purpose, I think we do ourselves a disservice if we fail to recognize that life is nuanced, and not every mantra applies to every nook and crevice of our existence.

There are some things worth tending to–slowly, gently, patiently, and consistently–because the fruit is worth it. Things that can be, at times, puzzling, frustrating, and stress-inducing end up producing the sweetest moments of satisfaction when we finally see end result of our efforts. Parents know this firsthand. Most parents are faithful in the task of raising their children, even though it’s one of the hardest things ever, with the goal and the hope of producing good “fruit”– people who are equipped with the skills and character to make a difference as adults.

I’m grateful that our heavenly Father takes the same approach. I’m grateful for his faithfulness to me. I get it wrong so often, but he never gives up on me. He is faithful. That consistency, that willingness to cover and care for me each and every time inspires me to be better and to cultivate my own faithfulness.

This life is short and we live with a sense of urgency that may or may not always be warranted. But here’s to the moments of waiting, of quiet cultivation, of consistent caring. Here’s to faithfully tending to a vision, a goal, a relationship, whatever it is. May you be reminded that faithfulness is fruitful and worth the wait.

1If you’re not familiar, check out the story of Ruth, and how she refused to leave her mother-in-law, even after her own husband died. Her faithfulness eventually brought provision and security for her family.

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