God Loves Jury Selection



For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay.

~Habakkuk 2:3 (NIV)


Waiting on God is like jury selection. And who, I ask you, likes to sit and wait to find out if they are going to be selected as a juror for a trial?! Exactly. No one. (As an aside, I must say that this is an unfortunate sentiment since serving on a jury is such a vital part of our justice system and an important civic duty).

As a potential juror, you do so much sitting and waiting. You wait to be questioned by the lawyers from both sides. You wait until all the other potential jurors have been questioned as well.  You wait for the lawyers to confer with their teams about which jurors they will strike or keep. I’ll admit there is just so much waiting.

As the person who has done the questioning and selecting, I have never felt the full brunt of the boredom that comes with all the sitting and waiting, but I can see it on the jurors’ faces. They are not happy campers. All they want to do is leave from the place they are in. I think some are genuinely happy to be selected for jury duty, while others are as equally happy to go home. Either way, everyone just wants to get through with it already, for crying out loud. That’s what their faces say.

And that’s what I say too, only my exasperation is directed toward God. I just want to get through it already, for crying out loud. At this moment in my life, I am waiting for God to give me specific direction for specific areas of my life, and I am not a happy camper. I really wish that I could say in the most sage of voices that I am yet waiting on the Lord, and that I’m taking in all of his goodness as I wait patiently at his feet for his direction for my life.

Yeah, no. I’m tired. I’m restless and I want to get on with it already. Like, for real, God. Let me know if I am selected for the jury or if I get to go home. It’s not hard, really it’s not. I know how you speak to me, you’ve given me clear direction before. But for some reason, right now, you’re making me sit and wait.

And yes I know there’s virtue in waiting. I know that I will probably learn more about God if I am still and quiet and actively listening to sermons and reading my Bible, than if He rushes and gives me direction right away. I know that waiting on God will give him a chance to prepare or work on opportunities and events that I  know nothing about nor could prepare myself.  Yes, I know God loves me and wants the best for me.

Ugh. Fine, God. I surrender. I will sit and wait for You. And even though I’m not happy about it right now, I know that you’ll make it alright with me. Whether you pick me for the jury or tell me to go home, it will be your decision, and it will be alright with me.



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